7 Films With Terrible Stories That Were Saved By Great Directing

We all know making a movie is tough. It takes blood, sweat and tears and a crap ton of money spent on the gamble that it will do well. If it doesn’t, fingers are pointed everywhere, from the director to the screenwriter, and even the critics who “don’t understand what the movie actually was.”

That last statement is made all too often and in my opinion, is complete bullshit. Making movies and releasing them to the general public is all about money. How do you get money? By making people watch. Why do people watch? Because it’s a good movie that is geared towards a general fondness by the public. Saying the public doesn’t understand it is a cop-out for the fact that the filmmakers didn’t understand what the public wants, and it’s what the public wants that is the most important.

In comes the screenwriter, who is tasked with writing a script that will bedazzle the audience. Their job is to be commercial in the originality, a task that is much harder than it sounds. If it gets too weird, it becomes an indie movie, which is great, but is not going to make the studio hundreds of millions. If it’s all too familiar, the audience gets bored and no one watches it. In the end, it is up to the director to change the weird to familiar, and the familiar to bedazzling.

On that note, here are seven films that have pretty bland stories, but were thankfully saved by great directing.

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  1. Sami Ashfaq Ahmedsays:

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  2. Afalsteinsays:

    Agree SO hard on the Avengers. You have so much fun watching the characters punch stuff that you forget there’s really not much of a story at all. I’ve heard even Joss isn’t happy with the story, calling it fast and sloppy.

    1. Gyisays:

      The Avengers story was great, I’m sure most people disagree with you and the writer. Maybe you just have memory problems.

  3. Jabroni eatersays:

    You Tool box Pacific rim was a good movie. You are nothing but a small blemish on my ass you worthless writer.

    1. Tonysays:

      yeah right, let’s insult the writer because we disagree. He said in the second paragraph that the movie was good, but you probably didn’t read this far and if you would be honestly thinking about it you would see yourself that it wasn’t that big of a story behind it.

  4. 2pac livessays:

    I agree with what you said about the titanic and avengers but your wrong about pacific rim I’m with jabroni on this one. What a shite site.

  5. Jay_the_Sharpsays:

    I walked out of Avatar because it was so terrible. “I ended up journeying into the world of Pandora three times in theaters, which I hadn’t done for any movie up until then.” – Andy Wong (who has horrible taste in film)

  6. Jasonsays:

    First, claiming that a film…ANY film… is weak because it can be reduced to a simple tag line is ridiculous. Literally any movie made can have its plot summarized in a single line: The Godfather: “Reluctant son takes over the family mafia business when his father is shot.” Was that a weak story?

    Second, a little proof reading never hurts: “The story can be summed down to a very generic logline”. What? What was that? Did you mean “The story can be summed UP in one very generic TAG line”?

    1. Caped Criticsays:

      logline is a term used by screenwriters to describe their movies in one sentence. It is the first thing taught in any screenwriting class. They are essential because when you are pitching a story (ANY story) to producers, you need to sell the story quickly and cannot rely on telling them the full story (because their time is valuable).
      Adding to that, I agree that just because a movie is reduced to a single line, that doesn’t make it bad. But producers hear loglines that sound the same EVERY single day. They need to hear something that will make them want to make the film. The Godfather had a simple logline but it had Francis Ford Coppola directing and a film that could have been very average if handled by someone else became something special.

  7. Razorsfurysays:

    Really? All terrible stories huh? You can do this with pretty much every movie. “Silence of the lamb” serial killer that’s hard to catch. Terminator, guy from the future defending a girl from a robot from the future. The Matrix, machines enslaving people and they rebel. Or, one of the greatest stories ever told, Homer’s The Odyssey, a guy trying to get home to his wife from a war.

    Almost all movies have a terrible story for a main premise when you put it into a one line description. Its about the characters and what happens to them through out the premise that makes the stories good. This is falling into the “the movie is only great because I’m such a great director” which that idiot michael bay proclaims.

  8. ericmvansays:

    The word you were looking for is *plot.* A *story* is a plot populated by characters. It’s the plot of The Avengers that’s relatively simple and not inherently gripping. Joss Whedon, handed a pair of great characters in Iron Man and the Hulk, was smart enough to emphasize character and not over-complicate the plot. The result is actually a *damn good story*, because the story includes things like Bruce Banner’s secret for turning into the Hulk at will, and the seemingly selfish Tony Stark being willing to sacrifice himself.

  9. Chris Wernettesays:

    Wow, what an insensitive prick for the last one. The Titanic disaster actually happened and you are calling the movie’s story horrible?

  10. Dark Selfsays:

    All those movies are still boring, but The Avenger, which was quite of entertaining, with all those heros throw on screen.

    The Conjuring is certainly the worst here. This story is so bland and unoriginal, but then, the “critics” (guess they miss the exorcist, the changeling and chucky) praise it, marketing kick in , and this is supposedly a master pieice.

    That being said, the actors are quite good, but the story…..


  11. ColinJsays:

    I’d add CHILDREN OF MEN to this.

    Dull story, generic script and some poor supporting performances but absolutely phenomenal direction from Cuaron.

  12. lensays:

    This article has made me block this site forever.

  13. MrSatyresays:

    Nope. Gravity, The Avengers, Avatar and Titanic were all terrible movies. Haven’t seen any of the others. All were formulaic, poorly conceived, poorly written, and reeking of over-the-top acting from otherwise fine actors.

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