9 Disappointing Films With Great Deleted Scenes


It’s not irregular for movies to excise material during the editing process. Most of the time it’s just a case of trimming the fat, removing scenes or whole subplots that either hinder the film or add little to the overall product. More often than not, deleted scenes are pieces of trivia, and not anything that would be truly missed.

On occasion, however, deleted scenes have revealed themselves to be exciting in their own right – and sometimes better than anything in the final film. Think the Michael Jai White sword fight in Kill Bill Vol. 2, or the original ‘return to Krypton’ opening of Superman Returns. These are scenes that could have added something extra to questionable films, films which could have used the added quality.

This list, however, is for the scenes we never got to see, cut out of disappointing films that could have used every bit of help they could get. In some cases, these scenes were removed for logistical reasons; in others, they were taken out as a result of meddling from the studio.

Whatever the case, they surely would have made the films in question more enjoyable. So, without further ado, here are 7 scenes from disappointing movies that we’ll likely never see, but which sound incredible all the same.