7 Reasons To Have Faith In Alien: Paradise Lost

7) Ridley Scott Is Back On Form After The Martian


It’s the classic Scott move: fall out of favor after years of bad, average, or just generally forgettable movies, to the point where critics and audiences are ready to give up, before making a comeback with a bona fide great film.

Early reviews suggest that The Martian is classic Scott, with the director proving – once again – that no one should ever write this guy off. Next up after this apparent return to form is Paradise Lost, and history gives us good reason to assume that the director could be ready to put out another hit.

Often, great Ridley Scott movies come in twos: Alien was followed by Blade Runner, Gladiator was followed by Black Hawk Down, Matchstick Men was followed by Kingdom of Heaven. There may be middling and even downright dire movies in between, but it’s been characteristic of Scott throughout his career for him to spend time in the doldrums, before he returns with not one, but two solid movies in a row.

The Martian is apparently Scott’s best in some time – now we’re due for his follow-up.