7 Reasons That Rogue One Could Be The Best Star Wars Film Ever


With all of the newly announced entries into the Star Wars universe beginning to take shape, only one of them stands out as different from the others, and actually seems to warrant fan’s attention.

That film is Star Wars: Rogue One, a “heist” film that will revolve around a rag-tag group of Rebel soldiers who are tasked with stealing the blueprints of the Empire’s disastrous planet destroying Deathstar. The cast of characters will be new for the film universe, and far more diverse than any other Star Wars movie sans-Force Awakens.


Just look at who’s in it: You’ve got Felicity Jones as the leader of “things,” Forest Whitaker sporting the ‘Forest Whitaker Eye,’ Donnie Yen, Alan Tudyk, Diego Luna, Wen Jiang, Johnathan Aris, Mads Mikkelsen as ‘Hannibal the Fannibal,’ and Ben Mendelsohn as ‘That Guy Killed by Bane.’

But what exactly are the reasons behind this film shaping up to be truly magnificent? Read on to find out.