7 Reasons Why The LEGO Movie Didn’t Destroy Our Childhood


When a film based on LEGO was announced, it was perfectly understandable to have doubts and an aura of pessimism that something sacred was being tinkered with. This isn’t just another reboot of a prestigious film after all, it’s an adaptation of toys that bear strong sentimental value to childhoods – and even adulthoods – around the world.

The LEGO Movie could have easily been nothing more than a shameless cash grab, disregarding all of those magical memories and moments of creative bliss the legendary toys have provided over the decades. And all it takes is one insincere film to insult those precious memories. Even worse, it could have steered the course of the building blocks onto a course associated with failure, rather than quality. There are many examples of products out there suffering this depressing fate, but thankfully, The LEGO Movie isn’t one of them.

Instead, we have been privileged with a film that reinforces those childhood defining moments by embracing all of the tiniest details that honor the very essence of LEGO. Your memories weren’t tainted, but new ones were created.

Read on to find out why we feel that The LEGO Movie didn’t destroy our childhood.