7 Reasons Why The LEGO Movie Didn’t Destroy Our Childhood

6. Unique Animation Style


The animation in The LEGO Movie is another example of Phil Lord and Chris Miller choosing not to take the easy road by settling for typical modern-day animation with LEGOs. Instead, they have opted to mix modern-day animation with stop-motion animation, brilliantly resulting in a fascinating look that is inseparable from how one would imagine LEGO animation.

It isn’t just the animation that sets the film apart, however, but the design direction that every single detail of everything in the film should resemble LEGOs. Sure, all of the characters look like LEGOs, but everything from water to fire to lasers are also intentionally designed to resemble LEGO pieces too.

This unwavering decision to make certain everything has a distinctive LEGO look results in the smallest of scenes oozing with visual splendour unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When any of the characters begin to build something at hypersonic speeds, it resonates with everything LEGO is and is endlessly amusing. Who doesn’t want a double decker couch to become an actual thing after seeing this movie?

The LEGO Movie is also very colorful and always enjoyable to ogle. Some of the action sequences involving high speed flight chases simply light up the screen.