7 Superhero Movies That Have Totally Unfair IMDb Ratings


Superhero fans are a highly opinionated bunch, with wars often waged in internet comments sections over whether the latest comic book movie was a rousing success or just plain sucked. However, most do generally reach a consensus over a movie’s worth.

Let’s take a look at IMDb, for example. A lot of us can agree that The Dark Knight deserves its 9.0 score on the site, while Batman & Robin should be stamped with its laughable mark of 3.7. In some cases, though, IMDb’s ratings can be pretty bizarre or just downright unfair. A number of superhero films have way lower scores on IMDb than they really deserve.

Obviously, as the following ratings prove, this is all subjective, so feel free to disagree with us. Maybe you actually do think Batman & Robin deserves to be ranked higher than The Dark Knight (though, if you do, I wouldn’t mention that in public).

For our money, though, the following eight comic book movies have been the victims of unfair ratings from IMDb users.