7 Upcoming Superhero Films That Are Really Unnecessary

Silver & Black

In what’s a clear case of the cart pulling the non-existent donkey, Sony has announced Silver & Black, a film based on Spider-Man supporting characters Silver Sable and Black Cat. The best part? Neither of them has been introduced in a Spidey movie, nor will the Web-Crawler be present in their outing. Yes, we’re face-palming as well at the thought of a Spiderverse without Spider-Man. Well done, Sony!

One would think that the company had learned from its previous mistakes, but no. It appears the execs are adamant that two C-grade characters will put butts in cinema chairs and be the riveting extravaganza of the summer. This shouldn’t come as a major surprise to anyone, though, since the Sony leaks did teach us a major lesson: no one in that company has ever read a comic book, or given a damn about any comic book character.

While the concept of Venom, starring Tom Hardy, is still borderline acceptable, this seems to be the biggest WTF of the lot. It’s not like social media is buzzing with fans clamoring for a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie, so why do it? The honest answer is: the feeling of cold, hard cash in the Sony execs’ hands.