7 Villains That Wonder Woman Should Fight In Her Solo Movie


While I haven’t personally done a head count of the world’s population, it’s safe to say that roughly 50% of people are women. You wouldn’t know this though if you judged Hollywood as representative of the fairer sex. Superhero movies are the popular trend right now, yet even stars as big as Scarlet Johansson are unable to get a female superhero movie off the ground.

In their huge slate of upcoming movies, both Marvel and DC have only scheduled one movie each dedicated solely to a female protagonist, and out of the two, Ms Marvel is the largely untested property. No pressure then for Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Princess.


There’s a lot riding on the box office earnings of Wonder Woman. DC have only been successful so far with Batman and Superman, so the film’s popularity could make or break their extended cinematic universe. On a wider note, this will also be the first superheroine film released since the dark days of Catwoman and Elektra back in the mid 2000’s, so the pressure is definitely on. If DC wish to remain a big player in the world of comic book movies, Wonder Woman must be one of their best films yet.

While the Warrior Princess is one of the most iconic characters ever created, as everyone knows, a hero is only as good as their villains. Wonder Woman may not possess a large rogue’s gallery to match the lunacy of Batman’s antagonists or the strangeness of Spider-Man’s, but at their best, the Amazonian’s villains are every bit as fascinating.

Don’t believe us? Read on to discover 7 villains that Wonder Woman should fight in her solo movie. Not all at once, mind you. May Spider-Man 3 remain a lesson to us all.