7 Villains That Wonder Woman Should Fight In Her Solo Movie


7) Morgaine Le Fey

Morgaine Wonder Woman

Plot details are scarce, so we’re still unsure how Wonder Woman will incorporate the hero’s mythological background, but one possible approach could be to suggest that all myths and legends are real, and that the characters from these stories are based on real figures. If that’s the case, there’s no reason why the sorceress Morgaine Le Fey couldn’t make an appearance, despite hailing from Arthurian legend.

Morgaine Le Fey has fought tirelessly to place her son on the throne of Camelot for centuries, using him to obtain absolute power. With the ability to alter reality itself, Le Fey has fought off the entire Justice League before, using telepathy so strong that not even the Martian Manhunter could break free of her control. Hiding behind her mask, Le Fey cuts an impressive figure visually and her abilities could easily give the Amazonian Princess a run for her money.

However, it’s unlikely that DC would choose to include Morgaine Le Fey in Wonder Woman’s first solo outing as they need to first establish the Amazonian mythology before delving into other stories. Unfortunately, there are also a number of similarities between her and one of Wonder Woman’s more iconic foes (more on that later). Despite this though, Le Fey definitely has potential to be used later down the line in future Wonder Woman sequels, either as a minor antagonist or the major villain.

Just don’t let her turn the Justice League into children like she did in that one Justice League Unlimited episode. Batman’s whiney enough as an adult, let alone as a kid.

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