7 Ways That Ben Affleck’s Batman Can Be Replaced In The DCEU


Before you set off on your diatribe about how we’re perpetuating fake news and that Ben Affleck confirmed he’ll stay on as Batman, let us say our piece first. He might not be leaving after Justice League, or maybe he might after The Batman. The fact is, no one knows the entire truth but him and the studio at this point in time.

Affleck is our favorite Batman, but we must prepare for all possibilities and understand it won’t be the end of the world if he does decide to hightail it. Who knows, his replacement could be even better than him?

That said, we’ve racked our brains over all the possibilities of how his exit can be handled in an adequate way. Some of our suggestions may seem fairly straightforward, while others will require some groundwork laid by the other films in the DCEU. Nonetheless, we believe there are various solutions that could work well here.

As always, we welcome your thoughts on this controversial topic and hold no grudges if you disagree with our opinions. So, please do leave your musings in the comments section.

We really do hope it’s Batfleck forever. But if not, these are some of the ways that he can be replaced in the DCEU.