7 Ways That DC And Warner Bros. Are Screwing Up Their Cinematic Universe

6) Aping Marvel


Of course, Warner Bros. and DC have followed no trend harder than the one set by Marvel Studios. With its shared universe of superstar comic book characters, its insistence on maintaining a consistent tone and a plan of action taking us all the way to 2020, the DCEU is nakedly not much more than a DC knock-off of the MCU.  Rather than forging its own path, the DCEU is following in the footsteps of another franchise, one that just so happens to be doing exactly what Warner Bros. and DC seek to do, only much better.

There are a couple of reasons why following the Marvel model so closely is such a bad idea for the DCEU. For one, Warners/DC are risking furthering superhero fatigue in moviegoers, potentially keeping customers away by appearing opportunistically on-trend.

By copying what’s already been done, they also run the risk of creating less original and therefore less appealing content. There were other ways for the DCEU to go, but Warner Bros. clearly weren’t prepared to think outside the box on this one.