7 Ways In Which The Force Awakens Has Changed The Star Wars Universe Forever


7) Stormtroopers Have Feelings, Too


Every bad guy needs faceless minions to carry out their dirty work. The Wicked Witch Of The West has her flying monkeys, Voldemort has his Death-Eaters and Gru has… well, his Minions, but the most famous of all are the Imperial Stormtroopers, the elite soldiers who tirelessly work for the Empire to fight off the Resistance.

Stormtroopers are typically depicted as faceless cannon fodder who have terrible aim and struggle to overwhelm Ewoks if attacked in large numbers, but The Force Awakens changes all (some) of that by following the exploits of FN-2187, the first Stormtrooper to renounce the First Order and join the Rebel Forces.

Finally, audiences are shown a Stormtrooper with his humanity fully exposed, stripped of his armour and designation. Finn’s central role in The Force Awakens proves that the Stormtroopers aren’t all the soulless minions we were led to believe. If Finn can independently switch sides of his own volition, then there’s a chance that other stormtroopers could now do the same, or at least be persuaded to question their allegiance.

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