8 Actors Who Could Play Norman Osborn In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Filming on Sony/Marvel collaboration Spider-Man: Homecoming is now underway, with the movie due to swing into cinemas next July. There are not too many things that have been 100% confirmed about the film as yet, but it is expected to pit Tom Holland’s Spidey against that winged terror the Vulture.

This has been met with positivity from fans thus far, as Vulture is a villain we have yet to see on the big screen. Unlike Norman Osborn, for instance, who has featured in four out of five of the previous Spider-films.


In the long run, however, Osborn really does need to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though we have become very familiar with the character, you can’t really have a realization of the Spider-Man mythos without including the Green Goblin. It would almost be like Batman not battling the Joker.

But, who could play a new version of the master villain? Well, here are eight fine actors who Marvel should consider for the role. Take a look at them on the next page and as always, drop a comment letting us know if you agree or not.