8 Actors Who Were Sadly Wasted In DC Movies

6) Peter O’Toole – Supergirl


After the critical and commercial failure of Superman III, the spinoff Supergirl was made in 1984 in the hopes of putting the franchise back on track. Unfortunately, it was even more of a cheap, campy mess – with even Superman himself, Christopher Reeve, refusing to appear for even a cameo.

One of the film’s biggest missed opportunities is the total waste of having multi Oscar-nominated British thespian Peter O’Toole on board. He plays the Kryptonian Zaltar, who’s in possession of maguffin the Omegahedron. Essentially, he’s filling a similar role to Marlon Brando’s Jor-El in the Superman films. Unfortunately, while Brando managed to make his less-than-engaged performance work, O’Toole is… not that great.

So poor is his turn in the film that he was nominated for Worst Actor at the Razzie Awards. If only he had been more plugged into the film he could have elevated Supergirl to another level.