8 Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man We Need To See On The Big Screen

Spider-Gwen 1

Last year, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures made history when they reached a deal which will see Spider-Man become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Played by Tom Holland, the new Peter Parker will first show up in Captain America: Civil War before starring in a solo outing next year from director Jon Watts. As of right now, we still haven’t seen so much as a single official image of the new Spider-Man, but the future still looks bright for the iconic superhero.

While Marvel no doubt already have big plans for Spidey’s role in The Avengers franchise and are looking for him to square off against some of his most iconic villains in a new series of movies, what about the many alternate versions of the character that have been introduced over the years?


Bringing in any number of these different takes on Spider-Man has the potential to expand the franchise in a huge way, while pairing him up with some of them would no doubt result in guaranteed box office hits. Peter Parker is a character with a great supporting cast, but it’s the other Peter Parkers that Marvel and Sony should be looking at, not to mention the other familiar faces who have donned the costume in alternate realities, futures or even the same world.

Here, you will find the eight alternate versions of Spider-Man who are most deserving of swinging their way onto the big screen in the not too distant future. We hope you’ll agree with our picks.