8 Awesome Cameos In Thor: Ragnarok That You Need To See

Doctor Strange

Here’s one that isn’t a big surprise, but is still awesome all the same. Ever since the post-credits scene of Doctor Strange featured the Sorcerer Supreme chatting with Thor, we were all set to expect the character to turn up in Thor: Ragnarok. As it is, Benedict Cumberbatch’s hero doesn’t take up a lot of screentime, but he does make a very memorable appearance early on in the film.

After Thor discovers that Loki has been impersonating his father, the brothers travel to New York to find Odin. While there, they’re invited (well, Thor is, Loki is kidnapped with a portal) to Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum at 177a Bleecker Street. Stephen reveals that he keeps tabs on those who are a threat to Earth and he wants to know why Thor has brought Loki of all people back to the planet. After a dizzying jaunt around the Sanctum, Strange agrees to help them and whisks the pair off to Norway, where Odin’s ended up.

It’s always great when Marvel heroes cross paths and much hilarity is mined here from Thor’s reactions to Strange’s magic and the good doctor’s sardonic attitude. It’s also fun to see old friends Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston share the screen, even if just for a few seconds.