8 Awesome Moments From The Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer

8) The Visuals

Strange 7

Similarities to Christopher Nolan’s Inception are inevitable here, but Doctor Strange is definitely doing something very interesting (and never before seen) when it comes to its visuals. From the way The Ancient One teleports herself and Stephen across the globe to New York folding in on itself, Marvel has clearly held nothing back when it comes to special effects and if the 3D doesn’t take advantage of that, it will be a crying shame.

Many artists have taken a crack at the adventures of the Sorcerer Supreme over the years, but it’s pretty obvious that Derrickson is turning to the trippy imagery used by Steve Ditko in the character’s earliest adventures back in the 1960s. However, he’s still delivering something new, and there’s certainly not another comic book movie out there that’s as visually interesting as Doctor Strange promises to be.