8 Awesome Moments From The Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer


Wonder Woman is a movie which has been stuck in development hell for years now, with Warner Bros. seemingly reluctant to move forward with a female led superhero blockbuster after seeing the way the likes of Catwoman and Elektra flopped. Finding the right story also always seemed to be a challenge for them, too, and not even Joss Whedon could talk them into making it.

However, when it came time to announce a DC Films slate, there was no way that Wonder Woman couldn’t be included, especially now that moviegoers are crying out for more diversity in these comic book adaptations. So, after taking on a key role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, next summer will see the Amazonian warrior step up to the plate for her first big screen solo outing.

It’s long overdue, but still a risky movie in some ways. Should it for some reason fail, we can expect the status quo to remain the same, but if it succeeds (and it really looks like it might), then everything could change. So, after Warner Bros. released the first trailer on Saturday, we gave it a handful of watches and have chosen the best moments from one of the weekend’s most exciting sneak peeks.