8 Batman Villains That Need Origin Stories Told Instead Of The Joker


It’s not a stretch to say Batman has one of the better rogues galleries out of any colorfully costumed crime fighter. A hero is only as good as his villains, and every one of The Dark Knight’s dastardly foes are complex and three-dimensional in their own twisted way. In fact, a prequel movie about any of them would work for almost all of Batman’s villains… except one.

And for some baffling reason, that’s the character which producers are trying to spin a prequel film around. That’s right. The Joker is getting his own origin story. The one villain who we’re supposed to know nothing about is getting a fleshed out backstory.

It’s a totally jarring move because the film is planned to be in a separate continuity than Jared Leto’s already established Joker. So basically, Warner Bros. is bending over backwards to create a confusing film based around a character with intentionally murky origins. We struggle to understand why, though, as any of Batman’s other villains would make for great origin movies because most of them can invoke a twinge of sympathy and are actually relatable in their own twisted way.

So, on that note, here are 8 of the Bat’s foes who we’d much rather see get their own film.