8 Great Couples In Superhero Movies

8) Mr. Incredible And Elastigirl (The Incredibles)


Pixar’s The Incredibles succeeded where every Fantastic Four movie has failed, as it gave us a fun and fleshed-out portrayal of a superhero family. And, at the heart of this was the strained but loving marriage between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.

For a family film, The Incredibles deals with some pretty adult topics, such as Helen Parr mistaking Bob’s secret return to superheroing for an adulterous affair. There’s also an incredibly dark part where Mr. I believes that his nemesis Syndrome has murdered his wife and children. In that moment, Mr. Incredible realizes that he shouldn’t take his family for granted in his quest to recapture the glory days. As he says, he might have superstrength, but he isn’t strong enough to lose them.