8 Amazing Superhero Movie Crossovers


We’re now well into the age of superhero movie crossovers.

The Avengers have been assembled (and recently disassembled) on the big screen for a few years now and the Justice League are all set to join them. We think of this as a new phenomenon, kickstarted by the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, but actually, some form of crossover in superhero movies has been around for a while now. For instance, The Incredible Hulk TV movies saw the rage monster team up with Thor and Daredevil.

Seeing this type of thing on the big screen took somewhat longer, but Hollywood did eventually catch up. From the early hints at cinematic crossovers in the 1990s to the full-on mash-ups of today, here are eight of the best superhero movie crossovers ever. As always, if we’ve missed any, make sure to remind us about them in the comments section down below.