8 Amazing Superhero Movie Crossovers


7) Loki’s Patriotic Disguise – Thor: The Dark World

With the likes of The Avengers and Batman V Superman, we’ve got used to superhero crossovers being big all-encompassing events. Thor: The Dark World reminded us, however, that a quick glimpse of a hero we weren’t expecting to see is still enough to get us excited.

In what is again probably the most memorable moment in an overall so-so movie, the Thor sequel sees Loki taunt his God of Thunder brother by transforming himself into Captain America and mocking the Sentinel of Liberty’s straight-up heroism.

It might not actually be Steve Rogers, but it’s still a very welcome cameo from Chris Evans. He’s clearly having a blast impersonating Tom Hiddleston impersonating him. If we weren’t properly going to see The Avengers team up again until Age of Ultron, at least we had this mini comic crossover to keep us happy.

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