10 Scene-Stealing Supporting Characters In Superhero Movies


It’s sometimes said that a good villain steals the show away from the hero. Well, sometimes a supporting character is good enough to steal the spotlight away from both the hero and the villain.

In superhero movies, this is an even bigger feat for a side character to achieve, as the heroes and villains are generally more eye-catching and scene-stealing than those in a usual film – what with their crazy dress senses and superpowers. Yet somehow, with just a fraction of the screen time that the main players have, certain side characters have managed to capture our attention, nay, our hearts more than even the leads.

Whether it’s due to the writing, the directing or the performance, without these supporting characters, their respective movies wouldn’t be half as good. For example, can you imagine Captain America: Civil War without the winning turn from Tom Holland as Spider-Man?

From Disney’s The Incredibles to The Dark Knight trilogy, here are 10 of our favorite superhero movie supporting characters who managed to steal the show right out from underneath the main heroes and villains.