8 Big Reveals From The Flash Season 3 Trailer


Without any disrespect to the other comic book shows that are due back later this year, the most anticipated new superhero season is surely The Flash. Apart from being a very consistent show with strong fan support, we can’t wait for it to return because the series threw a big spanner in the works in its season two finale.

If you need reminding, it saw Barry Allen go back in time and save his mother’s life, thereby wiping the entire continuity of the show clean. This immediately made clear that the next season would adapt “Flashpoint,” the popular comic book storyline that kickstarted the New 52 timeline in 2011. But how would the series tackle it?

Well, now we have a much better idea of what to expect. Thanks to this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, we have our first look at the new season in a fist-pumpingly exciting trailer, which features surprises and great moments galore. There was a lot to digest, but read on for 8 of the biggest reveals that were hidden within the footage.