8 Burning Questions We Have After Watching Avengers: Endgame

Are Gamora And Vision Really Dead?

When it came to all the deaths by dusting in Avengers: Infinity War, we heavily suspected none of these demises would last. However, there was some gray area in those heroes that were killed by Thanos via normal means, like Loki, Gamora and Vision. As it happens, Endgame went so far as to use time travel trickery to resurrect Loki – at an earlier point in his timeline – but not Gamora and Vision. So are they really gone?

Let’s look at Gamora’s chances first. It seemed like Thanos’ favorite daughter was going to be brought back in the form of the 2014 version who travelled to the present and fought alongside the Avengers in the big final battle. However, she was nowhere to be seen as things wrapped up and a still-grieving Star-Lord was shown to be doing a life-sign search for her. He didn’t get any results though, so it seems that she’s gone at the moment. Although, it’s still possible she’ll be back in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

As for Vision, he surprisingly makes no such appearance in Endgame, as none of the past movies visited featured the character. At Tony Stark’s funeral, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch share a moment of reflection on the loved ones they’ve lost, though, which seemed to suggest that both Black Widow and Vision are gone for good. What puts this in doubt, however, is the upcoming WandaVision Disney Plus series. Maybe it’ll be a prequel, though?

Is Loki Alive Again?


In the last question, I referenced how Endgame resurrected Loki, but is this strictly true? Well, let’s examine what happens.

When interfering with the events of The Avengers to get the Space and Mind Stone, Iron Man and Ant-Man accidentally cause the 2012-era Loki to escape with the Tesseract. We don’t see him again for the rest of the movie though, which leaves this scene feeling like a promise to the audience that the God of Mischief is effectively alive again after his sacrifice in IW. 

As far as we understand the laws of time travel in the MCU, however, this isn’t strictly true. Freeing Loki in 2012 must create a hugely different splintered timeline, one where the events of The Dark World and Ragnarok surely don’t happen the same way and Loki never redeems himself. Not only can he not crossover with the main timeline – because he’s living in a very different version of the MCU – but he also won’t be quite the same Loki we’ve come to know.

In this case, the Loki Disney Plus series doesn’t cause too much of a hiccup, as reports say that’ll be a prequel examining his early years.