8 Things That Marvel And DC Can Learn From Wonder Woman


For the first time since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Warner Bros. and DC have an unequivocal hint on their hands with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder WomanThough there are niggles to be had – like underdeveloped villains and a relatively CGI-heavy climax – the movie is more or less a tremendous example of how to do a superhero film right.

In fact, both Marvel and DC could do a lot worse than to look to Wonder Woman for inspiration. DC have previously had a hard time finding a direction to go in that would please fans and critics and they might have finally found it with this film. Meanwhile, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is obviously in very rude health at the moment, but their movies sometimes lack certain elements that Wonder Woman has in spades.

From matters to do with storytelling and characterization to cinematography and direction, here are 8 tips that both Marvel and DC should take away from the Gal Gadot-led film.

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