8 Things That Marvel And DC Can Learn From Wonder Woman


8) Hire More Female Directors

Before we get on with talking about the content of the film itself, let’s look at the impressive box office record that Wonder Woman has broken. In case you weren’t aware, it’s received the highest-grossing opening weekend of any movie directed by a woman, ever.

That’s an incredible achievement, but also shines a light on how few major blockbusters are entrusted to female directors, even in 2017. In terms of superhero movies, for example, Patty Jenkins is only the second ever female director of a Marvel or DC film, after Lexi Alexander helmed Punisher: War Zone in 2008. Sure, Marvel has one movie at least partly helmed by a woman on the horizon, as 2019’s Captain Marvel will be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, but in the long history of the genre, that’s ridiculously inadequate.

With the unabashed success of Wonder Woman, both in terms of money and the acclaim it’s receiving for being female-led, let’s hope this will convince the studios that there needs to be more women directing the usually all-boys club of superhero movies.

7) One Hero Is Enough

Both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe began life in a very stripped-back way; with a Superman origin story and an Iron Man introductory movie, respectively. Quickly, though, the casts for their films grew and grew and it’s now become the norm for films to feature multiple heroes. Batman V Superman included the whole of the Justice League in some form and this year Marvel will bring us Thor and Spider-Man movies that also feature the Hulk and Iron Man in prominent roles.

In the midst of this climate, then, Wonder Woman comes as a breath of fresh air. Even though Bruce Wayne is teased at the beginning and end of the film, Ben Affleck never pops up to take the spotlight away from Diana. Just the reference to the fact that he’s out there is enough to remind us that this follows Batman V Superman and Justice League is on the way.

Because the movie does such an excellent job bringing Wonder Woman’s character to life, we don’t for one second wish that another hero would turn up. Let’s hope that future films like Aquaman and Black Panther remember that, as long as you do the work and flesh out your protagonist, the audience will still lap up a true solo superhero movie.

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