8 DC Characters Who Are Way Better On TV Than Film


This one might upset Will Smith’s fans, but Arrow‘s Deadshot was more of the straight-shooter we wanted than the Fresh Prince’s sassy marksman in Suicide Squad. While Smith’s Floyd Lawton might’ve had the better costume, Michael Rowe’s character had the better overall arc.

Considering the atrocious editing and stitch-job of Suicide Squad, there’s the possibility that there’s a better underlying story for Deadshot somewhere on the cutting room floor (along with Jared Leto’s Joker takes). Nonetheless, we can only make up our minds based on what we saw and Rowe’s performance takes top marks here.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Arrow‘s Deadshot again, since he was killed off in the series to ensure that fans didn’t confuse his character with Smith’s. Yet, it’s amazing how no one thought the same of The CW’s Flash and DCEU’s Flash, but whatever…