8 Dead Comic Book Movie Superheroes That Need To Be Revived

With tales of heroism, there are casualties and those who sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Yeah, it sucks for fans when their favorite heroes die, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil in a comic book movie.

For storyline purposes, though, it’s often best to leave these characters dead and buried. Otherwise, it feels like a cheap copout and destroys the finality of death. No one wants comic book movies to become like soapies where you know everyone will rise up from the ashes again and become zombies like the Forresters and DiMeras.

That said, there are instances where heroes should be brought back to life. Maybe their arc wasn’t fully explored, or a resurrection would make sense in the context of things – whichever way, there are several exceptions to the rule.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve looked at a host of dead comic book movie characters that we’d like to see back on the big screen. We’re obviously going deep into spoiler territory here, so consider this your fair warning. Also, please note that we’re not including Superman on this list, because everyone knows he’ll return in Justice League.

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