8 Film Franchises That Really Need To Die

As a fan of film, there’s nothing sadder than watching flailing franchises spew out uninspired efforts to keep the box-office numbers ticking over. When the property becomes an obligation rather than a privilege, this is where courageous conversations need to be had. You know, the “it’s time to say goodbye because you suck” speech.

We’re living in the era of franchises. All the studios know they’re quick wins and where the money is to be found, but the audiences are rapidly developing fatigue to these types of movies, questioning if the final chapters will really be so final after all. It’s like Ric Flair telling us that he’s retiring, but we know he’ll be back for a big payday next year. Woo!

Now, I’m not saying all franchises are bad – some of them have legs and actually become better over the years – but there are a few that need to say sayonara and be gone with it. So, prepare the embalming and casket because these are the 8 film properties that need to be buried six feet under.

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