8 Great Female Characters From DC Movies


DC female characters

For all its flaws, Suicide Squad had a much better male-to-female character ratio than most superhero films. Rather than, say, just the two women in the split Avengers team of Captain America: Civil War (Scarlet Witch and Black Widow), Suicide Squad featured four main female characters – Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, Katana and Enchantress. A couple of those might have been somewhat underwritten, but at least some attempt was made to prevent the film from becoming the testosterone fest that most comic book movies are.


Until Wonder Woman arrives in June 2017, there have only been two movies in DC’s history that have featured a woman at centre stage. Unfortunately, these were the cheap and cheesy Supergirl and the godawful Catwoman solo film with Halle Berry. That doesn’t mean though that there haven’t been a healthy amount of great female characters in the company’s movies over the years, In fact, there’ve been a whole handful that have stood out and here, you’ll find 8 of them.

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