8 Interesting Ways That Justice League Sets Up Future DCEU Movies


Much was made in the run-up to Justice League that it would echo recent comics and offer something of a rebirth for the DC Extended Universe, moving the franchise away from the dour tones of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and morphing it into a brighter, more optimistic future.

But what could the future of the DCEU consist of? Well, Justice League bears a lot of that on its back. By the end of the film, all six Leaguers have been moved into new positions on the board which could be picked up in later outings. Likewise, elements of much wider mythologies such as the New Gods mythos and the Green Lantern Corps are only briefly touched on here, ready to be picked up later down the road.

Granted, Justice League hasn’t been the barnstorming success that Warner Bros. were hoping for, and its relatively underwhelming domestic opening weekend at the box office may give them pause for thought. As such, this might alter future plans away from what they initially intended. However, you can bet that the DCEU isn’t going anywhere, and these are just a few of the paths it could take in upcoming movies.