8 Marvel TV Characters Who Need To Appear In The Movies


For all the talk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe being one big connected timeline, it’s basically made up of two separate continuities – that of the films and the TV shows. While the Netflix series contain the odd oblique reference to The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sports the odd movie guest star like Lady Sif or even Nick Fury, there really isn’t too much go-between among them.

One of the things that fans most want going forward is for the TV characters to crossover to the movies. Obviously, there are logistical issues here – TV production moves at a much quicker pace than the movies – and potential setbacks – will movie audiences be familiar with the TV shows? – but it surely has to happen at some point. Thankfully, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige thinks so, too, as he has called further crossbreeding between the two “inevitable.”

So, which of the many characters running around in the TV branch of the MCU should get a shot at the big screen? Well, here are our top 8 picks.