8 Marvel TV Characters Who Need To Appear In The Movies


8) Dottie Underwood

Agent Carter might have only run for two short seasons before it was cruelly cancelled, but it still managed to give Peggy a brilliant nemesis in the Russian assassin who goes by the name of Dottie Underwood. Played by Bridget Regan, Dottie was a brilliantly kick-ass yet completely barmy enemy who stole the show whenever she turned up.

What makes Dottie a prime contender to appear in the movies, though, is that she’s a product/victim of the Black Widow programme, just like the more famous Natasha Romanoff. Now that Marvel are apparently planning a Black Widow solo movie, perhaps an older Dottie could appear as Natasha’s mentor in the Red Room (the Widow training facility). In that case, she probably couldn’t be played by Bridget Regan again, but it would be a nice bit of connectivity between the movies and the TV shows.

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