8 Recent Movies That Should Have Been More Popular

8) The Guest


Downton Abbey has produced many things, including a hilariously snide Maggie Smith and even more posh British stereotypes, but the last thing anyone expected of the show was the emergence of a new action star. Dan Stevens’s transformation from bumbling posh toff Matthew Crawley to a ripped military soldier in The Guest helped launch his career in Hollywood, yet the movie itself didn’t receive the recognition it deserved.

The Guest follows the story of an unbalanced ex-soldier who visits the family of his deceased comrade and slowly worms his way into their lives. Paying homage to classics such as Terminator and Halloween, The Guest feels like an 80’s classic dressed sneakily in modern attire. Adam Wingard’s follow up to the cult classic horror You’re Next is intelligent genre fun at its finest and certainly deserves more attention than it received upon release.

Fans of It Follows may also want to check The Guest out to see an earlier performance from rising star Maika Monroe. Oh, and Dan Stevens is topless regularly throughout.

Trust me on this. You won’t be disappointed.