The 8 Most Overrated Moments From The Marvel Cinematic Universe


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has provided us with an abundance of incredible films and unforgettable scenes, it’s also gotten a free pass far too often for its “meh” moments. Its neighbor, the DCEU, gets kicked in the groin for every stumble (and perceived failure), but the MCU chuckles and pretends it was actually part of the plan to fall down spectacularly.

Make no mistake: no cinematic franchise is perfect. There are plenty of gaffes and cringe-worthy moments, so it’s only fair that the cons are highlighted just as much as the praise. Hear that, fanboys? Now you can settle down, because we’re trying to bring balance to the force and not pick a side here.

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With that said, grab the popcorn, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for the 8 most overrated moments from the MCU. The truth begins on the next page, folks.