The 8 Most Overrated Moments From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Finale (Iron Man 3)

When we talk about the worst films in the MCU, Iron Man 3 ranks quite high amongst the pack. While the film was trekking along just fine for the most part, the twist involving Ben Kingsley’s character actually being Trevor Slattery instead of the Mandarin halted all the momentum gathered. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?!

Even so, most people defended the final battle between Tony Stark and Aldrich Killian since it involved an army of Iron Man suits and Pepper Potts’ Extremis powers. It was big and over the top, and allowed Tony’s faithful love interest to get her spot in the sun for once in the series. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

But it sucked. Much like the rest of the movie, it was a teasing build-up to a disappointingly flat climax. Not only should this have been a gargantuan showdown between Iron Man and Mandarin (the real one), but it also turned Guy Pearce’s Killian into a massive chump in the process.

Star-Lord’s Dance-Off With Ronan (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Honestly, if you loved the dance-off between Star-Lord and Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy but hated the “Martha!” scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you’re a hypocrite. Yes, James Gunn’s space epic is supposed to be a funny film, but this scene had so much cringe in it that it appeared as if it were actually parodying itself. Was it inspired by Spaceballs or something?

Look, the film is terrific and oodles of fun; however, this scene remains a major WTF moment that many of us still can’t believe happened. Sure, Star-Lord loves his music (it’s shoved down our throats at every opportunity), but does he need to find a way to include it in EVERY scene?

At the end of the day, this dance-off killed Ronan’s vibe and made him out to be another incompetent villain, which is something that Marvel struggles with across the mediums right now. While Gunn went for the hilarious, it actually came out rather lame.