8 Planned Movie Sequels That Unfortunately Never Happened


Not every film needs a sequel. Sometimes we find this out the hard way, when successful movies are granted follow-ups that really don’t match up to the heights of the original (The Matrix, anyone?).

Other movies, however, really did deserve sequels – either because it felt like they had a lot of story left to tell, or because the end of the film promised more to come – and never ended up getting one.

One sequel that’s being discussed right now is Beetlejuice 2, which would see Michael Keaton and Tim Burton return to their 1980s cult horror comedy. No one seems quite sure if the film will actually happen yet, but it’s certain that fans of the movie are hoping the belated sequel will eventually materialize.

But what about those films whose proposed sequels were outright ditched, even though they showed a lot of promise? Here, we take a look at 8 planned movie sequels that we’re still sad never happened. They all sounded pretty great and we’re definitely not alone in saying it’s a shame that they never came to fruition.