8 Questions That Star Wars: The Force Awakens Needs To Answer


There are a number of burning fan questions that are clearly (read: hopefully) going to be answered in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We have questions of whether Rey and Kylo Ren are of Skywalker lineage, how the dregs of the Empire became the First Order, who the Knights of Ren are, where the hell the trailer-absent Luke Skywalker fits into this new trilogy – these are all things that The Force Awakens will simply have to clear up for the audience, simply in order for the film to progress and for viewers to catch up.


There are other questions, however, carried over from Return of the Jedi and brought up by the promotional materials for Episode VII that don’t necessarily have to be answered in the new film. These are the little details and the more minor hanging questions that true Star Wars fans want to explore along with the core plot points.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll get solid answers to everything we’re wondering about, here are eight questions that Star Wars: The Force Awakens really should try to answer.