8 Questions That Star Wars: The Force Awakens Needs To Answer

8) Did Boba Fett Break Out Of The Sarlacc?

Boba Fett

If it wasn’t for the Boba Fett standalone movie coming up, maybe it wouldn’t be quite so crucial for The Force Awakens to explain what happened to him after he was apparently devoured in Return of the Jedi. But seeing as that Boba Fett film is on its way, there needs to be some sort of closure first. Even if he doesn’t appear as a character in The Force Awakens, there should be at least a hint as to whether Fett’s survival in the Star Wars novels is considered canon or not.

George Lucas has said that Boba Fett did indeed make it out of the Sarlacc and go on to hunt folks across the galaxy. But now J.J. Abrams is the king of this universe, and Lucas’ word is no longer final.

And as Max von Sydow is quite clearly not playing an older Boba Fett in The Force Awakens (the lack of physical resemblance between von Sydow and Boba/clone trooper template Temuera Morrison alone should provide a clue), we’re currently still waiting on answers as to Boba’s standing.