8 Questions We Have After Watching Suicide Squad


When it was first announced that DC and Warner Bros. were planning on making Suicide Squad, a movie based on a fairly obscure team of supervillains, the question on many people’s lips was ‘why?’ Once we saw the terrific trailers, though, that question quickly morphed into ‘can it live up to all the hype?’

That latter question is now a matter of contention, as the movie is a lot more divisive than expected. Instead, we now have a whole host of other questions about the film on our lips. As with most superhero movies that form one part of a big, sprawling universe, Suicide Squad left us with quite a few things to chew on by the time the credits rolled (and then even more by the time the credits finished).

As such, here are eight dangling plot threads that we’re still wondering about after watching Suicide Squad. Warning: spoilers for the movie will be freely discussed within…

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