8 Reasons Why Mute Could Be The Sci-Fi Film Of The Year

The science fiction genre is rife with films from across the quality spectrum, along with one of the more passionate fanbases. Movies in this particular genre can be noisily action-packed or quietly meditative (sometimes both), with the genre best used to commentate on social and political matters amongst a world filled with crazy technology, robots and mutants.

Many a masterpiece falls into the sci-fi category, with director Duncan Jones adding his film Moon to that list way back in 2009. His adoration for the genre is in every frame, and using minimal cast with one setting (hint, it’s in the title) Jones crafted a movie that was unfortunately not seen by many but treasured by those who were lucky enough to catch it.

At the end of last year, Jones finally announced that his next film, Mute, is going into production to be released exclusively by Netflix. First discussed around the time Moon came out, Mute has been quickly picking up a lot of buzz and finding itself highly anticipated by most, and here are 8 reasons why it just might be this year’s best sci-fi movie.