8 Reasons Why Spider-Man: Homecoming Is The Best Spidey Film

It Hits You Right In The Feels

More John Hughes than Marc Webb, there’s a heartwarming quality to the latest Spidey flick that’s sure to endear it to both the young and young at heart. You can’t help but fall in love with the different characters and their quirkiness. None of them are perfect, but they’re trying to be the best version of themselves. Even the bozos, like Flash Thompson, are still likeable in their own way, which says something about the cast that’s been assembled here.

What the story does exceptionally well is cement the notion that Peter is just a kid, trying to navigate these extraordinary powers and normal teenage life, but he’s still trying to do the best for everyone around him. Unlike the previous films, this installment truly captures the childish nature of the Web-Head, showing us that he’s merely a young boy with no superhero experience. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Tom Holland is still so young and actually looks like a teenager, adding more credibility to his performance.

On top of that, and apart from Jackson Brice’s accidental frying, no one dies in this film. It’s a story that doesn’t kill its darlings, refusing to fall into trap where every villain needs to die in order to finish an arc. This leads me to the next point…