8 Things We Learnt From The Justice League Trailer


After Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice turned out to be far from the critical darling that they were hoping for, Warner Bros. and DC had their work cut out for them with the need to win people over again in time for next year’s Justice League movie. However, with the trailer that was released this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, they might just have managed to do so.

A far cry from the ominous and self-serious trailers we got for BvS, our very first look at Justice League is keen to press that this is a very different film from its predecessor. Rather than bringing superheroes together only to have them fight to the death and glower at each other, Justice League is all about them joining forces. Some of them even crack a smile occasionally.

So, what exactly can we deduce about Justice League from this trailer? Quite a lot, actually. Fom the personalities of the new heroes to narrative decisions the movie will make, read on for eight things we learnt about DC’s now much-anticipated Justice League.