8 Things We Learnt From The Justice League Trailer


8) It Still Has That Zack Snyder Look


What immediately hits you with the trailer is that, despite differences in the content, the look of the DC Extended Universe will remain the same. Zack Snyder’s signature washed-out colours and moody lighting, which defined Man of Steel and BvS, is not going anywhere for his third DCEU movie outing.


The trailer’s opening scene, which sees Bruce searching for Aquaman in a small fishing village, could have been ripped from any other Snyder movie. Other aspects look more distinctly ‘comic book-y’ – such as the bright red of Flash’s suit or the CGI glow of Cyborg – but mostly it has a familiar visual feel to it. Snyder’s cinematic style has both its fans and its detractors, so this will be either good news or bad news depending on your personal taste. For those who don’t like it though, you can take solace in the fact that differences lie elsewhere…

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