7 Things We Learned From The Power Rangers Trailer


Ever since a movie reboot of 90s childrens’ favourite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was announced to be in the works over two years ago, fans have been split on the idea. Some have welcomed the notion of a modern take on the colour-coordinated cadets, while others think a new version would lose the spirit of the original. What we really needed was a trailer to find out exactly what route the movie would take.

Now, after months and months of waiting, we finally have our first look at Power Rangers courtesy of New York Comic Con. As it is, fans are probably just as split as before – the trailer doesn’t exactly go to pains to recreate the tone of the original series. Rather, it’s clearly setting out to be something different and appealing to those who might not be familiar with the show. Judging by this, it really could go either way – the reboot could be a surprisingly effective deepening of, it has to be said, a fairly shallow franchise, or a misguided attempt to add darkness to something that really doesn’t need it.

For now, though, let’s leave that question for another day. Instead, let’s take a look at 8 things we now know for certain about the Power Rangers movie.

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