8 Unannounced Characters We Want To See In Marvel Movies


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing to epic proportions since it first opened with Iron Man in 2008. Since then, plenty of the company’s most popular characters have been added across numerous standalone films and two huge Avengers titles. The future of the MCU is plotted through to 2020 as well, which will include another ensemble piece with Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

Not only is Cap’s third movie bringing a number of existing Marvel heroes together, but it’s also going to provide debuts for Black Panther and – most excitingly – Marvel’s first version of the web-slinger: Spider-Man.


Since Spidey is still officially the property of Sony where movies are concerned, there was always a fear that perhaps the character would never get the chance to unite with his colleagues in The Avengers. With a deal between Marvel Studios and Sony being reached earlier this year though, who knows what other collaborations or cooperations could lie in the future of the MCU?

With than in mind, we’ve been thinking about all of the impressive characters we’d like to see make their way from the page to the screen. As it stands, there may be one or two ownership deals in the way of these, but let’s all dream, true believers!