8 Ways To Save The Fantastic Four Franchise

8) Bring In Bryan Singer Or Matthew Vaughn

Bryan Singer

By rights, Josh Trank should have made a great Fantastic Four movie. Chronicle was awesome, and with Lucasfilm signing him up for a Star Wars spinoff, his future looked bright. Despite that promise, it’s become clear in recent weeks that he simply couldn’t handle the pressures of helming a huge blockbuster (at least in part because of his dealings with Fox). So, the studio now need to set their sights on a filmmaker with a proven track record of making superhero movies which work both critically and commercially rather than taking a risk by hiring another largely unproven director.

Both Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn fit that bill. Vaughn saved the X-Men franchise with X-Men: First Class, while Singer’s three entries into the series speak for themselves. Their names being attached to the Fantastic Four sequel would automatically generate the kind of positive buzz that the series so desperately needs at this point, while Fox could sit back safe in the knowledge that both men have the potential to salvage the few good points from Trank’s effort and help steer this franchise back in the right direction.

Would that be enough? Who knows, but it would certainly be a pretty good start.