8 Ways To Save The Fantastic Four Franchise

7) Reboot…Again

Fantastic Four

Reboots are always met with a great deal of cynicism from fans. Not even Marvel’s highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot has been able to escape the usual complaints, though they’ve managed to at least counter that somewhat by ditching the origin story and delving straight into a new adventure featuring the hero.

Fox could easily do the same, recasting the entire team with older actors (just like their comic book counterparts) and getting straight to the point in the same way that Bryan Singer’s X-Men did all those years ago when it kicked off with the X-Men already established.

Rebooting just feels like a safer bet than bringing back the same cast members and attempting to fight through the bad buzz which surrounds them thanks to Fantastic Four. There was so little that was actually good in Trank’s reboot that a new filmmaker attempting to continue their story would have little to nothing to salvage.

One option would be to do a “soft” reboot along the lines of The Incredible Hulk, with the previous movie still in existence, but pretty much never referenced or given any sort of role in how the story of this follow-up plays out.